Mike and his dog Spot At Enchanted Paints we want to instill trust with our horses. We want them to know that they can trust us and we have to know that we can trust them. Building trust takes time and understanding. We will take whatever time it takes to do that.

Once you have built a trusting relationship with your horse you can do so many things. We teach our horses to want to be willing partners with us. Horses are prey animals with a fight or flight instinct, we don't want them to feel that they have to flee or that they have to fight. We want not only their trust, but also their respect.

Junes Moon Shine
Starting at an early age We start them as soon as we can. All of the foals born here are imprinted at birth and we spend time with them daily. We implement these same techniques with weanlings that are brought to us also. We want them to feel safe in our presence.

As you can see in the slide show to the right not only does Bugsy let us approach her while she is lying down, but does not mind that Mike is putting a halter on her. She then had to be nudged to get up.

We don't believe that you can start the training too soon. Our approach is the sooner the better. All of the babies are taught to negotiate a variety of obstacles. We believe that this is where a lot of the desired trust begins.

We introduce them to the things that they will most likely run in to while out on the trail. We'd rather they get used to bags flying around well before we are out riding on the trail.

We want them to be familiar with a great many different things that they will encounter when out on the trail or in the show ring. Our philosphy is to have them very well trained to know how to turn right, left, go forward, back, and most importantly whoa, before we ever put a foot the stirrup. Since they will already know so much, all they have to learn is how to do it with someone on their back. That is also why we pony all of the babies. Not just for the exercise but to expose them to a variety of things and to give them an idea what it's like to have someone commanding them from above them.

Trampus is going over several obstacles willingly.

Trampus is enjoying some play time with his ball, "Wilson".
Here Max's June Bug aka "Bugsy" displaying a willingness to go where directed. This is more than just getting her to load in a trailer, but this is also asking her to trust us enough to know that it's okay to go where we ask her to go.